Community Volunteer

Community Volunteers play a vital role for Project Cuddle. Volunteers are needed in each area to help with crisis situations in their community. Some may choose to “hold a girl or woman’s hand as she tells her parents or the father of the baby about the pregnancy. They may assist in arranging for prenatal care that is so often ignored up to this point.

Some volunteers may help create public awareness of Project Cuddle and its toll-free number for frightened pregnant girls and women. They also may contact media in their community with news releases or other information provided by Project Cuddle.


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Hotline Operator

A hotline operator is a volunteer that gets involved directly with the girls or women that call the crisis hotline. A tender heart and a patient listening ear are very important for this particular position.

Each call needs to be handled with compassion and understanding. All volunteers receive special training prior to taking their first 12 hour shift. The hotline is forwarded to the volunteer’s home phone during their shift. Each month Project Cuddle needs to fill 60 shifts and Hotline Operator Volunteers are always needed. Make a difference in someone’s life by filling out an application below.

Rescue Family

A rescue family is a family that has the desire to adopt a child, and is willing to help a frightened girl or woman in crisis. The girl or woman is in complete control over whom she will choose to raise her baby or if she will choose to raise it herself. Our common goal is to make sure that the baby is safe and that the girl or woman does not break the law. To know more about being a Rescue Family click here

Are you or someone you know hiding a pregnancy?

Are you afraid and don’t know what to do? • Are you more than three months pregnant? • Do you need help telling your parents? • Do you need shelter? If you answered “YES” to any of the above….  more here…